Sunday, May 23

Full weekend

What a full weekend.  Right up to the brim and a little overflowing at times. 

Nate and cousins Will and Mac and I all went to watch the Wizard of Oz live production and it was fantastic!  Beautiful and amazing.

The Down syndrome outreach picnic was really fun.  Lots of people, new friends and old, and I learned *a ton* of medical information from a couple of families.  Encoragement.  Inspiration from the adults with Ds.  Love.  And just a fun time! 

Tommy and Liam got to see their  cousins Owen and Gabe's baseball games, oh my were they fantastic at hitting the ball. 

Cousin Madison is too cute!

Lots of gardening this weekend...  this was the garden before planting.

And yes, Liam is driving the lawn mower with daddy.  I almost spit my coffee out of my mouth when I saw this.  Yikes.

The biggest news of all this weekend?  Hannah got her fist car.  It is beautiful.   2004 VW bug with a sunroof.  Oh my goodness it is cute.  Thanks to her dad for making a dream come true.  Soon, my life will become a tad easier with her driving (and my anxiety level will go thru the roof with worry).

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