Sunday, May 16

Lots of pool parties!

We LOVED spending today at my niece's Madison's 5th birthday POOL party.  Lots of family and friends (cousin Andrew came too with his family) made the day even more special.  Tommy was *running* everywhere so I got a fairly good workout keeping him safely away from the water.  I would think at some point I would lose massive amounts of weight the way I run after him.  Not so.   Even funnier, when Tommy & I went for a swim he didn't get that excited today to be in the water.  Nope, in fact he moaned a sad song the whole time.   Hannah and Nate LOVED swimming with their cousins.  Liam was more excited to ride the small atv (thanks aunt debbie for charging it up for him). 

Our morning started with probably the best church service in recent memory.  Children's church ran very organized today with the help of a mom that usually teaches in an older classroom.  I told her no one would believe twenty 1-3 year olds behaved so well!  We had circle time and sang (and signed) Jesus Loves Me.  We made a craft and had a great snack.  Tommy and Liam had fun!

But back to the pool parties.  Last week we went to the Parent 2 Parent pool party at the Lynden YMCA.  Oh my goodness.  A long drive.  But when we got there all these wonderful families were having fun and we got to meet some new friends (and see some old ones).  We even met a young boy that goes to our elementary school and has *so* much in common with Tommy.  Lots to share with this family in the future.

We also swam at Aunt Debbie's house last weekend and enjoyed lots of fun and a relaxing time in their very heated outside pool.  Fun in the water lately.

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