Thursday, May 27

Mary Poppins

That's how our day is ending.  Watching Mary Poppins.  Half of us are having baked potato bar and the other half is having a yummy smelling soft taco bar.  Both dinners are sharing lots in common, shredded cheese and sour cream!  But the importance of the day was much earlier today....

Hannah's surgery for diagnosis of endmetriosis is scheduled for June 8.  This took a multitude of coordination.  Dad's house and their schedule there and ours here.  But more importantly the growing need with her pain level to get it done sooner rather than later.  Pacific Rim is the location here in Bham but was going to bill as out of network due to our primary insurance.  Which would have meant our responsibility of 40% of all bills.  Urgh.  Scheduled anyway and prayed and honestly told the OBGYN we are working with that finances are just not happening right now but we will still schedule.  Hannah is at the "in between" age where Children's doesn't work for GYN issues and here in Bham the surgeon doesn't really work with someone her age.  In the end we welcomed an amazing call, the surgery center will write off the difference because they felt there really wasn't another choice then them.  Whew!  We hope for Hannah's pain to minimal until the 8th and for a definate diagnosis and for a quick mend. 

Eye glasses were ready today for Hannah and Colin at two separate optomotrists
Diapers (special non irritating) were ordered for Tommy
Hannah was taken to the dr for what I thought was bronchitis (thankfully not though)
Cheerleading coaches were called and cancelled Hannah's practice tonight so she can rest
Counselors and teachers were called for both Nate and Hannah because they have been sick from school most of the week
Groceries bought
Bank visited
Nate was taken to the dentist for his scheduled cleaning but in the end felt too sick to stay so we rescheduled (ggrrr)
Tommy's enteral nutrition items reordered
CPAP mask request left for full face mask and I hope they will fill (that home healthcare is wonderful)

Now.... I collapse. :)

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