Tuesday, May 25

Our nephew is coming home next month!

Our nephew Joe is coming home next month for a visit.  He has been in Iraq for awhile.  A long while.   And I need to remember to call my mother in law and ask how I can help cook and coordinate a welcome home party for him.

He is such a super kid.  Honestly.  And cute.  And quirky.  A straight shooter (in more ways than one).  Smart.  And a smart ass at times.  Hard worker.  And is giving his time right now for his country. 

I saw this on another website that just reminded me how much he is welcomed home.  And how glad I am to have a dad who served in WWII, Iwa Jima, and Korea.  My dad, hmpf.  He retired from the Navy as a Master Chief.  Toured with the Marines.  And is such a terrific dad and one of the best people I have ever met in my life.  He too gave most of his life for his country and I'm so glad he returned home also and this year turns 87.  But for now, Joe is coming home. 

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