Wednesday, May 26

Tommy and cpap

We have made very slow progress on Tommy's cpap.  A few good strides have happened, nights with him allowing the mask without air to be on his face for about 30 mins and to even fall asleep in his crib with the mask on (no air). 

We all watched his favorite Finding Nemo movie tonight and wore cpap masks (the extras that the home healthcare place sent home).  Many things have hindered our progress.  I was in denial over using the machine.  Hoping that the T&A surgery would have resolved his severe apnea.  The masks are not fitting, they are all too big.  On the one that kinda, maybe fits... we need quick releases on the sides.  I also think he needs his chin strapped shut as every time he opens his mout (BIG mouth breather) air gushes out and he loses his breath.  Kinda like opening the car window and sticking your head out going fast.  Just a whole bunch of obstacles. 

And the biggest challenge is Tommy.  He just doesn't understand.  What three year old would?  He is confused and frustrated and when I saw big and real tears rolling down his face tonight it was just time to stop trying.  So, back we will go to Behavioral Health at Children's, a new department associated with cpap training.. to learn how to reason with Tommy and get him to want to wear it.  Daddy think getting a full mask will help, properly sized and with quick releases.  I'm going to see if they have masks that cover nose and mouth. 

I didn't realize how much anxiety and saddness this latest obstacle was until I totally broke down at women's group at church last night.  Cried.  Sobbed.  Sad.  Heavy sigh. We can do this!  Big cheesy grin. 

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