Friday, May 21

Weekend plans

We are looking forward to Sunday 12-3pm  (5/23) Down syndrome outreach's SPRING FLING potluck and fun.  It's at Fairhaven park this year, which is just south of 107 Chuckanut Dr.  There will be activities for the young and older, super sitters to keep eagle eyes on ankle biters so parents can catch up with friends, and food..... Hempler's hot dogs, mmmm.  Potluck if you can, and if you don't have time to make a dish come anyway! 

Tonight Hannah and Nate have plans so it will be a quiet house.  We have talked about seeing the new Toy Story movie so maybe tonight is it :)

Saturday will be green thumb day and hitting the garden again.  My goal is to can 200 quarts this year.  Okay, stop laughing.  Seriously.  Last year we canned about 100 by the end of pickling beets and making zucchini relishes and the insane 55 quarts of green beans.  I also need to make some more goat cheese and Nora gave me lots of goat milk, mmm.

And of course do some laundry and baking for fun on Saturday.  I want to make this:
Both of my sisters have made it, peer pressure!  It looks wonderful.

We *might* get a chance to join the fun at the ARC's annual membership meeting from 12-3 on Saturday at the Dan Goodwin center but Hannah has cheerleading tumbling too so we will see.  Also have invites to attend my nephews baseball games and would love to see how terrific their teams are. 

Lots of fun activities this weekend.... what are you doing?

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