Monday, January 19


Where else do you go on a winter's day? To the beach!

I know it sounds silly, but Aunt Debbie suggested meeting at the beach because it was so sunny and bright and it was wonderful. Cold, but great.
Mommy carried me around alot on the beach. She forgot the ergo pack in the van back in the parking lot.... grrrrr.

Nate found a good place to sit on one of the big rocks.

Cousin Owen and my brother Liam were searching for crabs.

My cousin Owen REALLY liked looking for things.

Me and Liam found a good place to sit in a rock.

Aunt Debbie loves to walk on the beach. Cousins Maddie and Owen kept her busy lookin' for stuff.

And when we were almost ready to leave.... Owen found this beautiful PURPLE starfish. What a treat.
We live in one of the most beautiful areas... to have this beach nearby is so incredible. We saw a Heron, a Loon, a couple seagulls, a few shells, lots of seaweed and barnacles. It was high tide else we would have seen more starfish and some hermit crabs. Very lucky us.

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