Sunday, January 18

What a week

Mom and dad have been busy... just trying to keep up with us. Therapies, 6 month goal setting, finished our antibiotics, weekend family and friends, oh my!

Mom thoughtfully helped set 6 month goals with our team of wonderful therapists. For the first time she didn't cry during it! Her and daddy worked on some of their thoughts in the evenings after we were in bed, so she felt better prepared.
She was happy to see how far we both have come in the past six months. She giggled when she told me that one of my goals had been to crawl! Silly mommy. Now I'm walking everywhere. Our family resource coordinator put us in touch with a sign language instructor from the Deaf Blind State office... she will be here in our home in a few days for our first assessment. I qualified for the Wa State Deaf Blind program back when I could only hear at 65 decibels and I had a delayed visual maturation. Now I can hear better with the ear tubes and my vision has improved. But I'm going to use that sign language instructor at home to get ready for preschool.... only 11 months away :)

Grandma Dorothy and Wilma drove up for the weekend from Tacoma. And we were so happy to play with them all weekend. They made us yummy enchiladas and apple pie. Plus they caught us up on laundry, whew! Grandma brought us a toybox!

Hannah and Nate each had a friend stay the weekend too, lots of crazy fun. The girls got all dressed up to go to a dance.

At one of my therapies this week we worked on my shape sorter. So mommy and I played with it this weekend some more..... I get all my lil' blocks in it eventually. I get really excited when I finish it.

Liam, I'll show you how to do it....

Today was sunny but cold. A perfect day to walk our cars around. We are helping take care of a neighbor's farm so we got to check out all their cool animals.

Liam loved racing his car up and down the driveway. Go brother!

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