Wednesday, January 7

What works for us Wednesday

After recent doctor visits, a few of them rather emergent, I quickly grew weary of the question "What are his current medicines". Especially while trying to hold a barf bowl under a toddlers mouth and share comforting words with Tommy. So it has turned into our 'what works for us Wednesday".

I asked the nurses if they minded me listing Tommy's medicines on a mailing label (via computer) so that they could simply stick the label on the page instead of us spending 5-10 minutes to write down not only the dose.... but also the strength.... and the correct spelling of the medicine. They LOVED the idea. Now this doesn't get around the issue of mentioning special meds or antibiotics that aren't routine.... but his current 'routine' medicines and pulmonary steroids take up two mailing labels! I stuck a sheet of them in his diaper bag, done.

Another 'what works for us' is repacking the diaper bag with unplanned LONG dr appts in mind. No, we never HOPE for long dr appts. But when an emergent dr appt turns into a longer two hour agony of tests, this mommy was a wee bit unprepared. So, the diaper bag has been repacked with little unopened cereal boxes, can of pediasure for gtube feeding, more books/toys that he hasn't seen in a while, small washrags and a dishtowel (with vomit in mind), change of clothes that actually fits him, and most importantly a five dollar bill stashed in a pouch within the diaper bag for the all important Starbucks run on the way home from a doctor appt. Whew! Hope we don't need to use all of that for a while.

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