Wednesday, January 7

Two hours and a diagnosis

Yesterday was day four of Tommy's most recent illness. Yes, he hasn't felt well again. No pooping. Stomach cramps. Really grumpy. And for a couple of the days some vomitting.

So off we went to see our Pediatrician yesterday. After an xray of his stomach showed only 'moderate' constipation (a not so fun xray complete with Tommy vomitting on the tech/mom/tables) our doctor decided to do a strep test for his red throat. I thought it was from all the vomitting. Low and behold he has strep throat. Which isn't very common in a toddler. But then, Tommy is our uncommon, but absolutely adorable, kiddo.

We are blessed with an amazing doctor (McGuiness) who spends so much time with us to figure out exactly what is going on.

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