Tuesday, January 27

Cornmeal toes

These pictures are dark, I'm still learning my new camera. Most Mondays I take the boys to 'school' at Whatcom Center for Early Learning. Our local 0-3yrs Center for special instructions. We play with cause/effect toys, enjoy circle time with songs and signs, eat yummy snacks and then...... the 'tactile' bin is by far our favorite place.
First, the boys checked out what was in there... hmmm, it's soft and fluffy cornmeal.

Liam needed a closer look, bottoms up and he climbed in.

Tommy got help from mommy to get in and much fun was had. Tommy is REALLY loud when he is excited. Heck, he is loud anytime. So I think we had the entire tactile area to ourselves :)

I loved seeing their toes in the fluffy cornmeal. Wiggling around. They shoveled more cornmeal on top. Very cute.
Yes, I bring extra clothes to change into. Boys will be boys.

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