Tuesday, January 13

Favorite pictures of the twins for 2008

I was flipping thru pictures from 2008 for all four kids tonight and organizing some thoughts about this past year. I'm visual and it's helpful to have reminders about 'what' occured 'when' and pictures always help me remember. These two photos are among my favorites from last year and wanted to share with all of you.

We vacation to Montana each summer for a week. This moment was so relaxing. The boys were playing with their trucks and I was thinking about nothing. Usually more things happen during 'moments' for our family. But I guess that is why I enjoyed remembering this moment .... not a whole heck of alot was happening!

I posted this last year and just love them bare bums! Hannah and Nate's room being raided by the twins after their bath.

Hope you enjoyed these pictures and thanks for allowing me to reminisce for a minute.

Tommy Adventures