Saturday, January 3

Catching up

Outside it has been beautiful. The last two evenings have brought more snow! And this afternoon it snowed again.

Christmas day, Aunt Debbie/Uncle Rob heated their outdoor swimming pool! Although me and Liam couldn't go in it (mom is worried about us getting sick) she and Hannah/Nate LOVED it.

Lots of indoor activities have been had lately. Liam got a train with building blocks on it. He really likes to play with it.

I really like playing with the train track and lining up the wheels on the train with the track. I'm very careful with it, aligining it...... then I throw it! It's always a surprise to everyone around.... they think I'm going to actually place that train on the track. It's MUCH more fun hurling it thru the air.

Today mom put me on this fun little sled. We liked being outside today, it wasn't too windy or too cold.

We practice our dance moves to music.... hey girls! Watch out! We can really jive now.

Outside.... this is the Nooksack river from Main St in Ferndale. Very icy and snow on top. It's usually moving pretty fast.

This was the view for mommy/daddy as they went to work one day. Mommy wanted to take a picture of the semitruck, usually they don't stop in the middle like that.

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