Saturday, August 8

Antique tractor and engine show

Our friend Tiffany told us about the NW Antique tractor & engine show and wow did we have fun. Grab a cup of coffee, there are a few photos. And mark your calendar for next year, Berthusan park in Lynden is the place.
There were hundreds of tractors on display, vintage cars and trucks, most of a sawmill, a blacksmith set up from the 1800's, threshing demonstrations, quilts on display and lots of antiques.
There was even a firetruck and Tommy and Liam were given little hats and fire chief sticker badges. Liam sat so proudly in the seat. Tommy just loved putting the hat on and off!
The steam engines were beautiful, LOUD, and the engines whirled around quickly. The photos don't adequately portray the high decibel level of some of these engines and whistles. Liam had his fluttery eyes going in a slight scare a few times.
This old home was moved from another location to the park. The boys had fun looking thru it. And all the pretty quilts inside.

Of course we love looking at John Deere.... especially the old ones. It was interesting to talk about what type of crops would be specific to each tractor. Some tractors had wide set wheels, some narrow. The conversation was lost on the toddlers, and if Nate hadn't slept in he would have enjoyed participating with Colin and I in the detective work behind the purpose of some of the tractors.

Mommy LOVED the hayride with her small fries.

I thought these "laterns" were interesting.

Liam really enjoyed the antique cars. He is very much fascinated by wheels on cars and trucks. Colin just loved toting him around the park (there must be at least a hundred acres).

Who would have ever thought about wheels like this?

The best part of the park was the ambulance tour..... sans breathing issues. Oh what joy for Tommy and I to be inside of an ambulance and not be in hysterics about an illness. It's really quite nice once you look around in it. (All I could think about, and I should have asked the paramedics since they had lots of standing around time today, was why do they ask you for a social security number of your child? On the way to the hospital, when your kiddo can't breath and I have tears streaming everywhere I'm suppose to remember a social security number of a two year old?) That aside, it was a great park, a fun and unusual thing to look at and it sparked lots of conversation about wheels, whistles, cars, tractors, drive, park, go, stop... you get the idea. Best idea for speech therapy, meet them at their interests :)
Tommy next ot a HUGE engine. I can't remember the specifics of what this engine powered but I think it was an irrigation system in California.

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