Monday, August 3

Crystal ball glimpses into the future for Tommy would be interesting. Just a little peek into his life in middle school, or after high school when he gets a job. Somedays I would just like a little inspiration that his face won't be covered with yogurt and there is life beyond some of his favorite movies. As he is approaching three years old and we are interacting more with the school district early intervention preschool (all of it so incredibly positive), I began reading other parents journeys.

One family that inspires me with an older son that has Down syndrome is Dan Drinker's:
We stop by there every few months to read their progress on a documentary. But what fascinated me today was there newest account of their life, their mom Diane's correspondance with the schools that Dan attended over almost 20 years. Each year seems to have it's own small diary.

Diane Drinker communicated with Daniel's teachers using a composition book he would transport between school and home. Each book documents an often daily dialogue concerning Dan's academic life.

Her son is retyping all the correspondance between parent and teacher here:
Dan's academic life.

Yes, it is from a different time, many years ago. But is it really from a different time? Some of the thoughts ring true for me today and we are only beginning. Just thought you might want to glance at this fun family.

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