Tuesday, August 11

Tall ships, land Ho!

Nate was treated by aunt Debbie to a sailing on the Tall Ships that arrived in Bellingham harbor. My dad, Nate, Mack and Gabe (both cousins) had a blast.

This is the Lady Washington and was in Pirates of the Carribean.

They even got to experience a 'battle'.
As for me? My mom and I were back at my sister's house having fun with five little people under the age of five. All were wonderful and had lots of energy! Especially Tommy. Who was EVERYWHERE. Even outside and slightly lost three times. Grrr. How do you travel and safely enjoy other people's homes with a kiddo that just wants to wander and get into everything? Seriously, I need to order one of those gps anklets soon. Thanks Debbie for treating Nate to a fun day :)

Tommy Adventures