Friday, August 7

Family night out

We enjoyed an afternoon movie, all six of us (actually seven because Hannah invited a friend), and dinner at Red Robin.

Colin, Nate, the twins and I all went to Ice Age 3. Yes, it was CRAZY taking 2 1/2 years old to it, but the theatre had many small children watching, and family and friends said it was good, so we just blended right in. I sat with Tommy in the wheelchair accessable area (once I could tell there was no one needing the area) and it worked out great. I pulled his stroller in beside me on my right side so I could grab G-tube feeding stuff and snacks. I also packed a blanket he likes to cuddle with and he sat in my lap for an hour.... which is rare. His face was so enthralled with that big screen and the characters. By all accounts Nate and Colin really enjoyed watching Liam take in the movie too, and hands full of popcorn!

Hannah and her friend saw the new Julia-Julie movie and said it was good. It was nice that she could 'get a little independence' from us for a bit. We gave Nate the same option as we knew another family watching that movie so it was somewhat supervised, but he said he wouldn't miss the boys seeing a movie on the big screen. Too sweet!

Then we ended up at Red Robin for dinner which we haven't been to in a very long time. It was delicious! All of us really enjoyed a family night out.

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