Thursday, August 13

Pneumonia vaccination

The last lab work from our visit to Children's Hospital on July 17th came back and it showed Tommy's titer counts for antibodies to strep/pneumonia were a big ol' goose egg. Wiped out, zeelch. So last night he received a regular dose of the pneumonia vaccine. His leg is sore and I have been giving him ibuprofen for the slight fever and grouchiness. When we go to Children's on Sept 15th for cardiology we will have lab work drawn again to show the titer counts *hopefully* higher. They will either be higher or lower. If they are higher, it's great and he will be immunized for pneumonia just in time for flu/cold season. If they remain low, then his body absorbed the vaccine and did nothing to improve his immunity and we are back to the drawing board. Recently, we added one more person to Tommy's immunology team and he has many good ideas about future testing to improve Tommy's chances at staying healthy. And that is just what we want.

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