Saturday, August 1

Science on Saturday

Awhile ago, another mom posted a science activitiy that I just knew my son Nate would enjoy. It teaches about carbon dioxide thru dancing raisins! Thank you Leslie for all the great activities you have posted, my kids just love them!
Nate also built a model rocket today. He is going to enter it, and a few more in our local fair. We talked a bit about a contest that is forming teams to construct small rockets to soar 750 feet with a raw egg on board and the goal is not to break it. Hmmm. Sounds like a good math challenge!
And then we took the twins out to the trampoline and showed them how colors mix to form different colors. The pretty red color was Tommy's favorite. Liam counted to two bottles of colors! And Tommy loved it when too many colors were combined and the water turned a yukky dark color. Thanks Nate for a fun science afternoon.

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