Sunday, January 3

Wenatchee snowmobiling

We just returned from four days of fun in Wenatchee. HUGE thanks to Grandma Dorothy for watching the toddlers while Colin & I and our teenagers Hannah and Nate headed over the mountains to find lots of snow.

The first day of snowmobiling was 63 miles thru beautiful powdery snow and breathtaking heights. And I mean breathtaking. Coming down one very long descent, I almost started sucking my thumb out of fear.
And then Nate and I (we were riding together on a double seater) couldn't recover on a turn and went upside down. Oops.

We felt much better after we crawled out! And were back on the trail in no time flat.

The next day Hannah and I stayed back at the hotel to 'relax'. I worked out in the hotel gym and then we figured out the trolley and bus system in wenatchee to get over to their mall for some window shopping and lunch! Hot tub and swimming pool plus yummy pizza filled the rest of the day once all the families returned from snowmobiling. Nate and Colin had lots of fun that day.

All four of us enjoyed our wintery get away over New Year's. But we were glad to get back and see our little guys!

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