Sunday, January 10

Got milk? Got G-tube?

I've been wanting to post about The Oley Foundation, and in light of recent escalation in travel security I think this might be helpful to some folks traveling with a G-tube themselves or with a family member. Even with the obvious G-tube (we have lifted Tommy's shirt to show security it but with no avail), getting liquids on a plane is difficult. When we flew with Tommy in April of 2008 to a family vacation in Hawaii, the security review on liquids was a hard one to pass, and retelling our story took a long time. Don't get me wrong, I think the security review is good, just wanted t share some ideas to make it painless for you and the guards.

The Oley foundation was created to help people of all ages with their tube feedings and IV lead fuller and richer lives. How great is that? Their site is HUGE. I found it when Tommy had a NG tube fr 10 months.... little did I know then we would have a Gtube. Here is a page on their website on pre formatted travel and hospital admissions suggested letters and physician signatures. Having these statements signed by a physician will hopefully help with passing security reviews. And simpler for some people that are unfamiliar to read.

There is also a page on the Oley website for items that families don't need anymore, an exchange, if you are between insurances or find that using more of an item works for your family member (but insurance only covers a few of it per month).... this might be helpful.

Now... off to sunday service after Tommy's G-tube feeding ;)

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