Saturday, January 9

Lazy saturday

After a GREAT girls night out last night, today is looking like a *very* lazy day. It's almost noon and I'm still in my jammies!

I made this for lunch:
I had wanted to make it anyway sometime in the crockpot, but I had so many odds and ends in the fridge that it was easy and quick to throw together. The little guys wanted to play outside (for hours) and it was nice that I knew lunch would be hot and ready before naps. Yes, I went outside in my jammies to supervise play :) Try not to drive by my house on the weekends, it ain't pretty. We all loved the results of this recipe. It's delicious!

On the docket for this weekend is making a batch of laundry soap. I'm going to try to make it since it's much more affordable and so many of my friends have had success. Heading to the gym both days. And just in general cleaning up the house. Going to visit our nephew Owen tomorrow for his birthday and shop for daddy's birthday on Tuesday.

Good news, Tommy was approved for Synagis shots by all of our insurances, so it's being overnight'd on Monday to our pediatrician. Prayerful that his immunity will kick in before 2/25 surgery for adenoids/tonsils. It's not the best time to be in the hospital for an elective surgery with all the flu and rsv floating around.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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