Tuesday, January 5


Heavy sigh. New year, same struggles, though I would share as it makes the load a little lighter and more honest:

1. My weight. Joined the Y and am very happy to say that I'm 'slightly' enjoying the workouts. Remember, I'm non athletic, three pregancies and the twin pregnancy killed my hips, I've got arthritis in my spine, and 40 pounds to lose. Hmpf. I know, eat less and excercise more... I like one of those options not the other :)
2. Tommy's health. Current struggle is to get him Synagis. This decision was started in September. By the time all three physicians (Immunology, Pulmonology, Pediatrician) wrote letters in was end of October. Then the primary insurance took until November to review and approve. Then there is the decision on ordering the vaccine which was well orchestrated by our pediatrician office (5 shots I think and each is approximately $2,500). Unfortunately there is the decision by the vaccine pharmacy (Caremark) to only use the secondary insurance because that is a higher deductible and 'easier' for them to use. Which resulted in a call yesterday from Caremark to forewarn us the copay is $371 PER shot. Times 5. Ugh? Well, then you need to talk to his third form of insurance which is WA state medicaid. Which will take days for prior approval. Struggle. By the time this all gets worked out it will be summer and no need for the RSV vaccine. I wonder if that is the strategy from insurance companies. Delay.
3. Spending more time with my hubby. Need to schedule date nights and prearrange the sitter. Marriage is a work in progress. Need more progress :)
4. Prioritizing volunteer time. Dso member, Strengthening services to kids with special healthcare needs (future search) member of two comittees now, PTSA treasurer, P2P board member. My two year term with PTSA is up in June, once that is done I think I'm also going to eliminate my time on one of the Future search comittees. My love is the P2P, DsO and planning for the 'place' of a future clinic for kids with special needs.
5. Farm life. Honestly it's work. Need to focus this spring on painting the chicken coop and goat barn all red. Then the paint we have had for the house & shop for two years needs to go on our house! Then rework the front flower bed and garden so that there is landscape fabric and NO WEEDS (or lots less weeds). Which will reduce my time in those to spend it on acutally enjoying gardening for the meditative opportunity (not swearing at the weeds). Fencing projects need to be finished, it doesn't look 'pretty' here right now.
6. Family times for teens to toddlers, plan for bowling, swimming, hit the slopes of Baker, head to birch bay, you know the fun stuff. But it's a tad bit of a struggle planning stuff for six to enjoy.
7. Money. Oh, the struggles. Save and spend and tithe. How to make all three happen and grow a family of six lovingly.

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