Thursday, January 28


This morning at 4am Liam woke with a 102 fever. After giving him tylenol and juice I was thinking it was just a cough/cold thing that he has had for days. Then he was standing up in our living room and I heard a loud sound, in his diaper :( There was poop running down his legs when I got to him. Grrr, this is going to be a bad bug.

Called the bus driver and said school's off today, and luckily tomorrow is a workday for the school district. So we will have a couple of days to recover. Tommy seems healthy right now, so that is good!

Nate has strep throat and has been miserable, today is day three on antibiotics. I think we will be in quarantine until Sunday. Lots of movies, juice and rest for all.

Today is a big day for two of our friends who are both having the same surgery at Seattle Children's. Angelina and Max are both getting there tonsils and adenoids removed. They both need prayers for safe anesthesia and a smooth road to recovery. Hang in there friends!

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