Monday, December 29

.... and the lab result is....

No staph infection. Huh? The doctor's office called and said his gtube stoma was inflammed due to 'regular bacteria'. No staph. "But, keep the septra antibiotics going for their full course just in case". Huh? So then I described the stoma site still red/angry/uncomfortable. The nurse said to wait another day or two. Huh? Okay, but then that is New Year's eve and I'm sure you have minimal hours that day. Yep, was her reply. Huh?

Does anyone out there have experience with gtube inflamation that isn't staph.... but still treated with antibiotics? Remember Tommy has HD and antibiotics are not his bum's best friend. Needless to say I don't encourage antibiotics that are unnecessary. This is his 14th antibiotic in 12 months.

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