Wednesday, October 14

31 for 21 post on Ds

Get It Down; 31 for 21
I just now realized that I'm suppose to include this 'button' in my posts this month on Down syndrome. Oops, I've said it before.... I'm not a great blogger, but I'm figuring it out.
Tommy is sick today with a slight cough. And after nebulizers (pulmicort and albuterol) during the night, we will go and visit our doctor this afternoon. I really would rather stay out of clinics right now, but Tommy has a cough and a slight problem with breathing (stridor), so we will pack up and head in this afternoon. With Ds, a heart condition, gtube and the lack of antibodies.... none of us are going to play the 'wait and see' card.
His nurses at the pediatric clinic are AWESOME. They know him so well and are careful when they need to be. Thanks to a great local medical team.
On a somewhat related note, we decided that the local immunology group might not be the best match for us. We will try the only other group in town, before we make the choice to switch to Seattle Children's. We are grateful that there are local choices for immunology issues and if at first you don't feel like a good match, trust your instinct and try a better fit.

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