Friday, October 9


We met with the Immunology folks here in Bellingham last night. Tommy has a diagnosis of Polysaccaride Antibody Deficiency Syndrome (PADS). Which means he doesn't have a natural ability to produce antibodies against pneumonia, strep and many other sugar based infections. Something is abnormal in his bone marrow with the T and B cells.

He is 'moderately' compromised. Which means our family will focus on how to keep Tommy home and safe from germs that cause infection to him. Canceling therapy sessions was also discussed by the doctor. And no more sunday school. Of course we can look at the diagnosis and the entire past two years of illness makes sense.

We were told about a spectrum of medical therapies. From placing a central line and administering immunoglobulin every 3 to 4 days. To rotating antibiotics for 6 months straight. To the least invasive therapy which we chose, antibiotics at the slightest sniffle, drowsy look, red cheeks... you get the picture. Catch it at the earliest sign of infection. Which I have a lot of anxiety about because this all is going to boil down to my ability to see the infection coming on.

Lots of prayers are needed for our family over the coming few weeks as we make decisions for Tommy's health. The Immunologist kept repeating that Tommy is the most complicated kid with Ds he has ever seen. Colin and I were pretty upset and of course I don't hide my emotions well. If anyone is out there with experience with Ds and immune disorders I would love to talk to you!

Tommy can take this challenge. And we will be sure to continue getting the best care for him in the world. He is smiling at me as I type and we will be sure to post more pictures soon.

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