Monday, October 12

An orphan waiting for her family to find her

We added a link to the right with a big Christmas ornament for Reece's Rainbow Adoptions. They have children with Down syndrome and many other non-Ds diagnosis waiting to find their 'forever' families. If you browse thru the pictures and find a little sweetie to pray for and sponsor, RR will send you an ornament for your tree with the child's face on it. A sweet reminder that someone is patiently waiting to join their family. We sponsored the little girl to the right who is being adopted by a Wash State family, what a joy and we hope to visit her soon when she is home with them.

This year we also wanted to pray for an orphan. Without foster care in many of the eastern european countries and russia; these orphans still live in cribs for most of their life. We were assigned this cutie, who we will follow and pray that a family comes forward to add this cute girl! I'll make a button soon to add to Tommy's page for everyone to see her cute face. I asked for a child to be assigned to our prayers that didn't have Ds because so much of our life is just that :) Join us in saying a prayer for Millie's health and development while she waits to find her forever mom and dad. Here is more on her from Reece's Rainbow:

Girl, October 8, 2004
Millie will be 5 years old in October. She's developmentally delayed but has made significant progress in the past few months. She's now talking, walking AND running without any problems or assistance, knows her body parts and has "come out of her shell" and is now quite social! Her social worker describes her as "a very sweet little girl who would thrive in a family." Her social worker has approached our facilitator about finding a family for this little angel and has ensured that all of the paper work is completed so that she's free and clear for international adoption if a family is found for Millie.
From her medical records: She has perinatal hypoxia at birth, intracranial hemorrhage first degree. Convulsions neonatal, ASD second degree with Atrial Septal Aneurism. Her motor development is up to her age. She is very skillful. Speech is delayed, she has several words with meaning, but doesn't make a sentence with them. She is very sweet girl, she has emotional reactions. She is eating independently, not toilet trained yet, likes to be with her peers. She sleeps without any disorders. She is under regular check ups from her cardiologist and neurologist, and doesn't have any problems. Millie is smiling often, makes contact by eyes, very interested in toys. She is taking them, transfer from hand to hand, manipulating with them. She likes to play with other children in a group, likes children's songs. She understands simple orders and instructions regarding everyday activities and play activities. She likes to see herself in the mirror. She adores contacts and is motivated to work according to her abilities. She knows how to take off her shoes, clothes. She is imitating simple movements, understands simple verbal orders and is doing them. Spontaneous verbal expression is at the level of "babbling. This sweet girl will make a joy to the family who decides to adopt her.

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