Sunday, October 18

Weekend stuff

Get It Down; 31 for 21

Daddy and my brother Liam spent the weekend with friends at the snowmobile show. They had lots of fun. So that left me and mommy, Hannah and Nate out to stir up some fun. And fun we stirred!
Aunt Debbie and Uncle Rob were kind and offered to babysit me on Saturday night so mom could have fun with a bunch of kids to the Scare Fair at the fairgrounds. Aunt Debbie did my night feeding and antibiotics in my gtube like a champ! I got to play with my cousins Madison and Owen and sleep at their house for half the night while mom had fun at the haunted house. I really had a great time! Mom said something about she had the ability to walk upright and not look like a neanderthal like she does when I'm on her hip. She missed me lots though!
Here is my newest tactile area. Bird seed. And shovels and a sand sorter. My OT suggested shoveling things might help with my interest in holding a spoon while I eat. So mommy set up a bird seed shoveling area. Thinking about the spoon though.... let's face it, I like to really enjoy my food. It goes everywhere. Spoons are for sissys. Maybe after I enjoy shoveling bird seed, using a spoon will be fun!

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