Friday, October 23

Sleep baby sleep

Daddy and Tommy spent last night at the sleep study in Children's Bellevue. Colin said Tommy was very comfy the entire time, which is surprising once you look at the photos he took. The only part that Tommy had difficulty with was taking off the equipment. To quote Colin, "Tommy was pissed off". And when our Tommy is mad, watch out!
Surprisingly, they didn't have a crib for Tommy. Nope. Colin was surprised to learn you bed with your babe for a sleep study. Our little folks always sleep really well when with us, so we aren't exactly sure this test will be accurate.

And just HOW does a baby sleep with ALL this?

He is TOTALLY fine here, just reaching for daddy. Colin wanted to get one picture to show what Tommy went thru to get this diagnostic study done. You are a champ Tommy. In four weeks we will know the results and pulmonary's recommendation for what to do from here. Nasul canula with oxygen at night or cpap machine.

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