Sunday, October 4

Buddy Walk - Team Tommy's Tigers (part 1)

Yesterday was the 6th annual Whatcom County Buddy Walk! It was our THIRD year for walking. And still having a blast. Although there were fewer people at yesterday's walk, the weather was great and we were surrounded by family and friends. The walk is one of the most beautiful walks anywhere. Come look at these pictures:

Tommy was very excited to see all his friends. And eat a bananna

Liam has been home sick for five days, we think he enjoyed getting out of the house.

I am always excited to see other parents of adult and children with Down syndrome. Tommy's team name is Tommy's Tigers which we started at our first walk when he was just recovering from open heart surgery - our Tiger!

Michael and Robert had lots of fun and probably looked the best in our tiger hats.

Team Tommy's tigers is missing Linda and Lee, Michael and Robert, my coworker James and his daughters, and my twins mom club friend Joannie and her two Jackson and Brooke in this photo; but includes me and Tommy, cousins Owen and Madison, my sister Debbie (the other half of her gang was at football games), my sister Tami and her son Andrew, my Dad Bill (Tommy's grandpa) and my mom Sue, Ashley, Wilma, Grandma Dorothy, Colin and Liam and of course Nate (whose help I am so thankful for). We are grateful that our family walks with us each year! In Tommy's stoller there was pictures of two of our friends who were too busy to walk with us - Ethan (he just had his heart fixed the day before and is doing GREAT) and our friend Jordan who is also a twin but moved away and we didn't think she had a Buddy Walk in her area so her picture rode with us too!
There were lots of salmon in the creek and on the salmon ladder.
Daddy, Liam, Aunt Debbie and Lee enjoyed the walk.
Me and my twins with Joannie and her twins! She is our twins club 'member care' mom and is always encouraging :)

Sleeping Tommy with Grandma Dorothy and me.

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