Saturday, October 10

Car ride!

We are off to visit daddy today. No he hasn't left us for long, just for the weekend to work on.... SNOWMOBILES :) Daddy and his friends have set up a 'fix it' garage in Snohomish so that folks that want their snowmobiles tuned up lubed up fixed up can pay a certain fee and they will get 'r done! He LOVES doing this each year with his friends and the opportunity to work on beloved snowmobiles. The people that use this service keep coming back for more too so it is working well for everyone. Soon we hopefully will be on Mt Baker, St Helens, Whistler, Eastern wa..... snow here we come.

I'm packing up four boys (nate, his friend k, liam and tommy) and taking them for a car ride to visit. We will also spend time with grandpa Bill while we are down in Snohomish. Grandma Sue is in Minnesota for the week visiting family so we thought grandpa needed an hour or two of high decibel level play.

We hope everyone has fun today. Heard a lot of friends were going to pumpkin patches... good luck finding the perfect one and bundle up it looks blustery.

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