Thursday, October 1

October is national Down syndrome awareness month

Okay, I tried this last year and although I was comitted to posting everyday, life happened and I didn't.

But this is a new year right? So, October is National Down syndrome awareness month. The challenge is to post each day of October... that's 31... for Trisomy-21 which is Down syndrome. Or 31 for 21 for short. Here is Tricia's rally call for all interested in this challenge:

This year I'm going to add guest speakers to my blog during October... my sister Tami...grandma Dorothy.. my sister Debbie... my mom.. maybe even my dad... friends and teachers at Promise.... and my kids Hannah & Nate to talk about what it's like to have Tommy in their life. Not sure what they will say, better stay tuned! You might even see a post this month from Colin, daddy extraordinaire!

All for awareness and inclusion for Down syndrome. 31 for 21. We love a good challenge :)

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