Sunday, December 21

Antibiotics, nebulizers and drops (oh my!)

Daddy took Liam to the doctor today (thanks to Madrona for having a peds clinic on Sundays) and his left ear is infected again. Even with the ear tubes, there is an infection. In fact the dr said there is a worry the tube is blocked because the infection hasn't drained. So, oral antibiotics and ear drops and a snuggle or in Liam's day today. He has been keeping his parents up too much at night and with a temperature for three days, it is time to get him all fix'd up.

And me? I get the nebulizer four times a day again. Albuterol and pulmicort twice a day and just the albuterol the other two times. My cheeks are red and there is a little of that gross runny stuff from my nose. Blah!

We have plenty of snow outside. Mommy says it can stop snowing any time now and things would be good. But the flakes just started again. We have a turkey in the oven and are going to enjoy a pre-Christmas dinner tonight. Hope everyone else is snug in their homes.

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