Friday, December 12

Happy Birthday Tommy and Liam!

Today the twins turn two years old! Wow, that time has passed us fast. We are celebrating tonight with family and I'll post pictures soon.

It seems like a good time to update what they are doing.

Liam continues to add new words very slowly. Right now he consistantly says "truck" as "gack", "car", "mo" for more, and sometimes he says "dada", "tree", and "waz dat". He signs: please, thank you (on occasion), dog, more, milk (two hands when he is thirsty) and eat. He has speech therapy every other week. And attends developmental playgroup once a week. He loves trucks, cars, running around, and dancing (he has a great style to dancing, much thanks to Hannah and Nate). He eats everything and lots of it (just not so much at breakfast). He loves Hannah and Nate and often follows them around. He and Tommy have a special 'twins language' that sounds like "gak" from the movie "Mars attack". They seem to know what each other is wanting when they speak it. Frequently, Tommy rubs Liams head or Liam wraps his arms around Tommy.

Tommy's verbal words include "mama", and "mo" for more. He smacks his lips when he is poopy and/or hungry. He signs: mama, dada, dog, cat (sometimes) and 'more'. He signs the songs of: "itsy bitsy spider", "open/close them (hands)", and "where is tommy (peek a boo)". He attends developmental playgroup once a week. Speech therapy every other week. Sees the nutritionist about once a month. And occupational therapy every other week. He continues to see a cardiologist at Seattle's Children's every 6 months for a mitral valve leak. He loves everyone, no one is a stranger to Tommy. He eats almost all foods. With Hirschsprung's disease we have steered away from sugars as much as possible. He loves mandarin oranges, peas, anything with gravy on it, banannas and yogurt. He is walking a few steps at a time unassisted (up to 12 steps). And has the fastest crawl I have ever seen on a baby! He is sipping from a straw honey bear cup. His meds these days include: miralax, senna, captropril, prevacid and right now his 10th antibiotic for the year.

Pictures are coming!

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