Tuesday, December 9

Choosing to see the beauty

Last Friday evening I had the opportunity to share dinner out with girlfriends. I tend to think we are all 'super cool' moms. At the very least we are moms to kids with special needs. At one point in conversation, my friend Kati had said that we get the unique opportunity to share accomplishments and successes everyday. Our children have the ever so slight and slowly developing daily "hoorays" that most typically developing kids just whiz past. Her comment was perfectly timed as just that day I had two teary breakdowns of "why can't he", or "why does this infection keep happening to him". I sometimes tend to get caught in the brief saddness instead of the incredible success each day holds. He is the only kid that I know that claps for himself while walking!

So, today, I was reading one of my favorite sites and I found this. Grab a kleenex. Our extended family probably feels like this at times too~

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