Sunday, December 14

Parent to parent Chrismas party

I love a good picture with Santa.
If only Tommy loved Santa....

Oh how we loved going to this party last year. Legos, crafts, pictures with Santa, food, tactile table and plenty of space to run/walk/crawl.
Our cousin Madison loved it too this year!

Liam LOVED the lego table.
So, when mommy came closer for a picture
And to play......

She got a huge reaction....
No, go..... (actual words were "ahhh, oooo" and a shove)

Best of all we got to meet Ethan and his EXTREMELY cool family. They are new to our town and we have much in common. Aunt Debbie and cousin Maddie came too this year. Aunt Debbie helped mommy a ton with two happy wild twins.
Tommy was happy with a dustpan!
Mommy can't wait to put that new skill to work at home.

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