Friday, December 26

Tommy's tummy

Today is Tommy's first day on Septra. A powerful medication that is actually a combination of two antibiotics, and hopefully this is the answer to his staph infection around his Gtube. Yesterday he just wasn't his jolly self, his belly hurt. The stoma just wasn't looking right at night. So this morning, off to the doctor! We left the house at 8:30am and got back at noon. Not too bad with all the snow and toddler twins that want to toddle thru the snow.

The dr took a swab of the 'gunk' coming from the stoma. By Monday we should know what this staph is sensitive to. I'm betting it's the same one we have been battling for two months. Just never goes away.

On a good note, the dr said we are doing a good job keeping Tommy's lungs clear. The nebulizers every 4 hours are helping lots. Pulmicort and albuterol twice a day and then albuterol two more times a day is doing the trick. He really doesn't like the mask being on his face though. I sing songs, read books, put puzzles together with him while the treatment is going but he HATES it. Anyone have tricks that work for sitting thru a nebulizer treatment?

On an even better note, while waiting at Haggen's to get the prescription filled I asked the boys if they wanted a cookie.... and Liam signed "cookie.....please" Yippee! I almost cried. Tommy signed 'more' so at least I know he is connecting something in his mind.

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