Monday, December 8

A weekend away

Christmas came early! Grandpa Bill and Grandma Sue got us a wonderful present to see the Seahawks/Patriots game and stay in a hotel in Seattle. Best part of the present was Grandma Sue and Aunt Tami came up to watch all four of our kids! And Tami brought cousin Andrew!
Liam and cousin Andrew liked getting inside the dogs crate. They didn't stay there long.
Tami and Hannah got to exercise Hannah's new horse Babe.

Tommy's med's were line up, labeled with day/time for no confusion. The heart medicine is especially a dangerous one.

We really enjoyed the game (except the ending). Colin's brothers Bruce and Marty were there too. And our nephew Joe who is just home from Basic Training in the Army and soon to go onto Germany.

Thank you Grandma Sue and Aunt Tami! We love you both ALOT! Thanks for taking such great care of all four kids. And doing the laundry, cleaning the microwave, keeping up on highchairs, sink full o'dishes, steam cleaning the living room floor, and supervising the lights going up outside. Thank you!!!

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