Thursday, December 25

Merry Christmas

This is my third Christmas but my first one at home! For all of you that were praying for us to stay home this Christmas, it was a wonderful gift to end the year. Photos say a thousand words so here they are from three Christmas' past:

Christmas 2008 (at home)

We got a train set and a ball house. Right after this picture Liam spent most of the morning in and out of the ball house and I took the train set apart (very gently). Go figure, just when mommy thinks she knows what we will enjoy.... we trick her.

Christmas 2007 (St Joseph Hospital)

Christmas last year was spent in a different hospital. I had RSV and Pneumonia.

With Hirschsprung's Disease I get a RAW bum on antibiotics (mommy capitalized that for added emphasis, she wasn't going to say it bleeds and is just plain painful to even look at). So she kept me naked bum'd and used cloth diapers. Christmas in cloth nappies. Oh what joy!

Although we didn't get a picture of Santa that year. He did find me at St Joseph's hospital. It was late in the evening, way past visiting hours. And when the Santa came he was very real looking (mommy got really teary eyed). Our room was off limits to most visitors just because I was very contagious (RSV). Santa stood outside our room talking to the night nurse and finally came in for a visit. When mommy thanked the nurse after Santa left, the nurse told her a story. She had never seen that Santa before. And when they were standing outside my door, the Santa was arguing a bit with the nurse that he didn't want to wear a mask. He told her the mask might scare me. This was a loving Santa!

Christmas 2006 (Seattle Children's Hospital)

Hannah is holding Tommy (cords and tubes and all), Nate is holding Liam. Santa was a little baffled as to twins.

Mommy and Tommy shared a quiet Christmas.

May the love, peace and joy of the true meaning of Christmas find your heart wherever you are! Merry Christmas everyone.

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