Thursday, December 18

There is some white stuff on the ground

Mom called it snow. And she seems really happy about it. Somethin' about she couldn't make it to work today. Snow drifts were huge-r than a car on our road. So, when she bundled us up, I was thinkin' I might like this white stuff too.

I was thinking that I usually like the same stuff she does. Sometimes it takes me awhile to like it.... like eating took me awhile, and being patient for her book readings took me awhile, but eventually I like things that she likes.

But my younger brother (cause he is 12 minutes younger than me) isn't that eager to like the same things. He looked worried when mommy opened our front door and show'd us the white stuff.

"Liam you will have fun.... let's go play in the snow" she said.

Mommy opened our front porch baby gate and plopped us down in the snow on our steps. Liam wouldn't budge. It sounded like his throat was making a growling sound. Half whiney, half growly. He didn't like the white stuff.

And me? I quickly scooted off that step and plowed thru the snow. I LOVED IT! I crawled in it, tried to walk in it. Made squealy sounds. Mom was right, it was great!

Liam stood on the same step.
Never moved.
Never smiled.
The growly noise continued until we were back inside the house.

Mom hopes that he likes snowmobiling, cause daddy is wanting to go very soon!

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