Wednesday, December 17

What works for us Wednesday

I had a few topics for today's "What works for us" Wednesday. But I chose one on discounts because there are probably a few shopping trips on everyone's "to do lists".

We try not to pay full price for anything. We shop consignment. We accept hand me downs from cousins (Andrew, Gabe, Maddie). And we willingly take on hand me downs from our friends with special stuff (aka Cooper's old DAFO orthotic's and high tops and Lukas' outgrown coat/snowboots).

Discounts on things that we need to buy in retail stores are really important for us. We haven't had a credit card in six years! We pay cash for everything we buy. Sound strange? For some it might be. For us, it causes us to live simple lives and realize we can do without a lot of extra stuff! We save for things that are bigger purchases.

So, the discounts at retail stores goes like this. Using the internet find the website of a store you want to shop at. For our teenagers we wanted to go to 'PacSun' and get them each a new pair of jeans. So, I logged onto their website and found a discount thru email sign up and ...... got a 15% off total purchase! Yippee. If we can find jeans on sale, the extra discount helps out even more.

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